Why Start Your Own Blog ?

Because Google is paying out $5+ Billion per year To Bloggers and Content Websites

Google pays out on the advertising revenue it earns from blogs and websites that sign up with Google for advertising publishing. Last year these blog websites earned more than $5 billion. This year, it is expected to grow by 10%. Although many earn somewhere between $2,000 to $20,000 per month, some earn as much as $100,000 per month. But making a regular income from your blog website is not the only good reason to start a blog.

According to Forbes Magazine, and many leading experts in recruitment industry, it is a SMART decision to have a blog website.

The consensus is that a blog is a remarkable tool that is working for you 27 hours a day, 7 days a week, promoting you and everything about your knowledge, skills, and tenacity.

There are lots of pretty good reasons to start your own blog and leave it to develop and grow over time.

For instance, A blog is the new RESUME. It says a lot more than just a few paragraphs about your qualifications and past experience.

Apart from being a powerful job/career tool while earning you a passive income, a blog helps build your skill set: writing, presenting, e-commerce experience, website monetization, interacting with like-minded people, and so much more.


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Your Blog Is Actually Your New Best Friend!

It promotes you, helps you grow, brings you cash, helps you build new skills,

finds you new like-minded friends, and helps you find a better and higher paying job.

Do you currently have a friend that can do all that for you?

Seriously, do you know of anything else that can do all that for you?


See How Easy It Is to Start Your Blog?



1. You Should Build A Blog For Credibility, Authority, & Identity

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Your Blog Helps You Become Better Thinker & Presenter

At its core, blogging helps you become a better writer. Blogging will not 'force' you to become a better writer, it’ll just happen as you do it, often without you even noticing. Writing also helps you become a better thinker, and as a result a better presenter. That is why this is such an essential skill set that is in demand by employers, recruiters, PR companies, and even universities.

Writing is an essential communication skill which also helps you organize your thoughts and present ideas and facts in a more convincing way, compelling others to agree with them. Becoming a better writer holds important benefits for the rest of your life, whatever you choose to do. But there are many other skills that you will pick up while blogging, such as PR, operating a website, monetization of your blog while earning a passive income, interacting with others, meeting new people, adopting new ideas, and so much more.


  • Learn More Structured Thinking
  • Grow Your Presentation Skills
  • Meet New Like-minded People
  • Learn To Engage With People
  • Share Ideas Convincingly
  • Build Credibility and Identity

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2. Employers Need People With Blogging Knowledge & Expertise

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Your Blog Promotes Your Skills & Knowledge

A blog is the new RESUME, and many employers are using it for recruitment. It says a lot more than just a few paragraphs about your qualifications and past experiences. It displays your varied skills, from organization of your thoughts to the level of your knowledge and expertise, in both your specific field as well as your presentation skills.

It can also demonstrate your knowledge of monetizing your blog showing everyone that you have the knowledge-set for exploring e-commerce while making passive income.

Employers and recruiters would love to see an individual with such skills. These skills directly translate into 'value' for a potential employer, when considering a new recruit.


  • Show Employers You Stand Out
  • Show You Are Ahead of the Crowd
  • Display Commitment To Learning
  • Prove You Have Essential Skills
  • Display Your Employment Value
  • Illustrate Your Presentation Skills

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3. Build Your Powerful Skill Set For The Digital Economy

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Your Blog Builds Your Communications & Leadership Skills

Apart from being a powerful job/career tool while earning a passive income, a blog helps build your skill set.

Blogging allows you to write, facilitate online discussions, obtain feedback, express creativity, develop a voice, improve literacy, connect with new friends, prepare for digital economy, connect with global audiences, share ideas, reflect, develop leadership qualities, motivate, and build on your area of expertise, knowledge, and industry recognition.


  • Facilitate Online Communications
  • Develop Creativity
  • Earn A Passive Income
  • Build Leadership Skills
  • Become An Expert In Your Field
  • Get Recognition

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