20+ Years of Continuous Growth and Success

We are a family owned and operated company providing Managed Hosting Services, having been in business since 1995. Our success has been due to our relentless devotion to providing excellent customer service for our customers based on a delivery of "Best Value Service" principle. This is the driving force at every level of our company spearheaded by our founder and CEO, Christina Albert.

Delivery based on "Best Value Service" Principle

We are committed to delivering an excellent service quality, dedicated and responsive support, and the best managed hosting features - but at a price that is affordable and reasonable. We do not spend a lot of money on marketing or advertising. Customers find us through word of mouth and referred to us by happy customers and their associates. Our operations are kept lean and smart and we take good care of our highly expereienced staff, with less than 3% turnover. That is how we can keep our prices low and our service offering at an exceptionally high level. We have little waste as oppose to our competitors.

No Renewal Price Hikes

Unfortunately, the hosting industry (specially shared hosting) has become a bit of a bate and switch. You could sign up for hosting for a very low price, spend lots of time and energy (and money) to get your website up and running. Then when you think you have it all set up and it is time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work - BANG. The hosting company will dramatically increase your hosting costs, assuming that you do not want to go elsewhere and restart the whole process. We looked at 34 companies offering hosting and 31 of them - do exatly that. That is such a shame. We guarantee you at the time of sign up that we will not increase your hosting costs and there will be no silly or unethical renewal price hikes at Valley Internet Services.

Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Services

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2012, 2015, 2016 Service Quality Award Winner (First Prize)
Your Own Dedicated Direct Telephone Support Rep
High Performance Hosting Servers & Networking Infrastructure
All Security Regulations Compliance

2012, 2015, and 2016 Award Winner (First Prize)

Winner of 2015, First Prize Award for Service Quality in overall classification. But we kept on working harder for you. In August 2016, Valley Internet was awarded: Winner of 2016, First Prize Award - winning Best Features, Best Support, Best Price and Best of Class, categories.

You Get Your Own Dedicated Technical Support Rep

You have direct telephone access to your own dedicated support rep (minimum 5 yrs experience) as well as email support 24/7 whenever you need it. Additionally, you have access to readily available Founder/CEO of the company, Christina Albert.

High-Performance Redundant Architecture

Advanced high-grade CISCO networking equipment, RAID Power Servers, and Multi-Layers Redundancy provided in our Class-A datacenter.

100% Mandates & Regulations Comliance

Advanced security monitoring, PCI Higher Grade, Advanced HIPAA and VISA + Mastercard Certified Engineering and Compliance.

Valley Internet Managed Hosting is desiged for Bussinesses that need SPEED and RELIABILITY to grow their business online successfully

In addition to taking care of all the technical needs for your business website hosting, we’ve built our services to empower YOU, the business owner, to easily manage your website performance so that you do not need to rely on a full-time dedicated systems administrator. This saves you a lot of money AND time, since when you do need to make modifications, you can make changes quickly.

Valley Internet Services